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Forms Processing - Cardiff Teleform


High-volume, High-accuracy Content Capture for the Agile Enterprise

Cardiff TeleForm combines secure, global, high-throughput on-ramping of the hand- and type-written content on your paper forms and documents to the BPM, ECM, ERP and other enterprise systems and applications that your business depends on.

Forms can be shipped in bulk to a central processing facility for capture, or the content on them can be captured when and where they are filled out.

Private, public and governmental organizations around the world, including the Global 2000, rely on TeleForm to:

  • Ensure accuracy.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Accelerate form and document-based business processes.
  • Comply with government and industry regulations.

Built on an enterprise-class architecture, TeleForm scales to meet the business objectives of any size company, from small organizations with single workstations to global Fortune 500 corporations with enterprise-wide deployments and multiple back-end repositories.

Similarly, you can implement as much or as little functionality as you need to overcome your unique challenges–so you only have to invest in what you need today, with the assurance your content capture solution will grow to meet your requirements tomorrow.

Key Advantages

Accelerate Your Business with Unmatched Accuracy and Quality Control
TeleForm's powerful recognition engines and verification technology deliver accuracy rates approaching 100%. This means employees spend less time verifying content and more time on their most critical tasks. Businesses have reduced the time and costs associated with data entry and forms processing by up to 90%, and overall processing time by 50%.

Connect People and Content in the Distributed Enterprise
TeleForm delivers the complete range of alternatives for capturing and submitting images, whether from centralized or distributed knowledge workers, or external customers and partners.

Secure your Content from Sign-on to Capture to Storage–and Beyond
TeleForm provides a suite of enterprise-strength security capabilities that enhance the end-user experience and reduce administrative overhead-without sacrificing the protection of your captured content.

Protect Your IT Investments with Support for Industry Standards
TeleForm's flexible architecture and adherence to industry standards provides rapid, straightforward deployment into the business environments of both new and existing customers regardless of their size.

Grow Your Business with Confidence
TeleForm provides extreme fault tolerance, enterprise-class scalability, and the most effective troubleshooting tools available. The result is uninterrupted service–and critical processes that are always available, for employees and customers.


High Volume, high accuracy content capture automation from paper based forms and documents

  • Automatic processing of invoices, loan documents, contracts and other unstructured documents
  • Forms, documents and electronic files automation on a single platform
  • Every-Touch audit, tracking, reporting and digital signature support
  • Seamlessly connects paper-based processes with electronic business workflows and eForms


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