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Flexible Document Management Solutions

The need to find, control, optimize and protect information is basic to business today—across all industries. But, even though this need is universal, the information managed within each industry is different and each presents unique challenges. 

What businesses need is a document management solution that is flexible and can be configured to handle the particular requirements of each industry. You need a solution that adapts to your needs, not one that requires you to fit into its preset configurations.

FileBound delivers the broad flexibility required by businesses today. And it provides the security needed in a global marketplace where security must go beyond flood, fire and earthquake to encompass protection against those who might attempt to electronically steal your most precious proprietary information. Your document management system must be vigilant in protecting your projects and documents under development as well as information vital to your success.

FileBound was created with the needs of businesses of all sizes in mind. We offer three solutions to meet the diverse needs of various enterprises. 

FileBound On-Site meets the needs of organizations that manage their own IT infrastructure or requires a robust, On-Site solution. 

FileBound On-Demand was designed for organizations that want a full solution, but seek the convenience of an outsourced hosted solution. 

FileBound Express was developed for medium and small organizations that prefer a self-contained, on-site network appliance for their document management needs that can be installed in about 20 minutes using a three-step wizard.

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