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“I was using an Internet-based EMR and found that the performance was inconsistent. I eventually fell almost six weeks behind on documentation and started to have billing issues. My staff needed to adapt to the EMR, which caused work-flow issues. My staff hated it. When I started using gloStream's EMR software, I went live with a full patient load in just one week. I was able to catch up on my documentation in less than two weeks, and I haven’t taken work home since. My staff are very comfortable and familiar with the Microsoft Office- based EMR, and in a paperless environment, this product has saved on average almost two hours a day of staff time, while supporting our existing work flow.”

Dr. Anthony A. Rieder, M.D.
Alliance ENT & Hearing Center
Wauwatosa, WI

“It’s clear to us that gloStream’s product development team really thought through the natural progression of the patient visit. With gloStream's EMR we’ve been able to streamline processes within our office and that’s led to a level of productivity and efficiency we just didn’t have before we began working with gloStream.”

Dr. Dominick Roto, M.D.
Riverview Medical Associates
Putnam, Connecticut

“We went live with gloEMR on a Monday and four days later we were already up to our full patient load. gloStream's electronic medical record software is so intuitive and easy to use.  It's simply phenomenal.”

Amanda Wood R.T.(R)(M)(BS) - Practice Manager
Center for Women’s Health
Greenwood, Indiana

“Since we instituted gloEMR, not only has it made our office run more efficiently, it has saved me time. Every day that I am in the office I am leaving on time instead of an hour or more after the last patient like I used to without our EMR. This is a savings that can't easily translate into money, but is huge.”

Dr. Edward Lis, Jr., D.O.
Michigan Center for Orthopedic Surgery
Clarkston, Michigan

“I get a lot of patient information sent to my practice and it was always challenging to manage it all. Now, I can receive faxes and other information electronically which can be easily placed into our EMR software. What’s even better, though, is that my staff can send me a message through the gloEMR messaging system telling me that I need to review something. This saves us a ton of time. The workflow built into gloStream's electronic medical record software is exceptional and has really helped my practice become more efficient.”

Dr. Renato Albaran, M.D.
Rochester General Surgery
Rochester Hills, Michigan

“Getting home to my family at a reasonable hour is very important to me. When I used paper, charting took me so long that each day lasted 10 hours or more. Thanks to the functionality within gloEMR, I have the capability to see a healthy load of patients when I’m in the clinic and still finish all of my charts so that I can leave by 4:30pm. I’m saving time and money with gloStream's EMR, providing great care and have peace of mind that my practice is in great shape.”

Dr. Shivajee Nallamothu, D.O.
Michigan Center for Orthopedic Surgery
Clarkston, Michigan
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