About Us


Early Adopter of Paperless Technology

RDM was started by Debby Kruzic in 1993.

Ms.  Kruzic moved to California when 17 to get into the music business.   Started selling PCs and MACs in the 80's and worked for one of the first  companies to start selling Document Imaging Solutions.  Moved back to  New Mexico in 1993 and started a document management solution and  conversion company.  We were one of the first companies to offer CD-ROM  services.

Our focus is on finding the best  solutions for our customers and offering exceptional customer service.   We do not work with vendors that are focused on sales quotas. We work with vendors where the customer is priority.


We love technology and how it helps our customers

We are a solution provider. We are continuously learning about new technologies and innovations so that we can share these with our customers.

We look at our customer's needs and then look for solutions to help our customers.  Even if we are not the right match, we make every effort to refer a prospect to the right vendor.


We are truly dedicated to our customers.

We are here to help you, when you are ready.

We will not bury you with emails.

We only work with vendors where the customer is priority, not sales quotas.

Our certifications include: Certified Records Manager, Certified Document Imaging Architech and AIIM Certified Practitioner.